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Tea Ceremony, Cakes, and SoundBath Event

I would like to express my gratitude to Regina from the Labour of Love for extending an invitation to Silian Cakery to be a part of the Matcha Cultural and Spiritual Event on April 15.

In collaboration with Hokusan Tea Canada, Nicole Manes Sound Therapy, Ms. Aya Sugino, and Ms. Kaori Izumiya, we collectively curated a mindful and spiritually enriching event at The Labour of Love, featuring the following highlights:

  • A Japanese Tea Ceremony and Matcha Making demonstration by Hokusan Tea Canada.
  • Tea sampling paired with light snacks, along with a delightful Matcha Rare Cheesecake prepared by yours truly.
  • A 30-minute Sound Bath Session led by Nicole.
  • Ikebana and Art displays presented by Aya Sugino and Kaori Izumiya.

Tea Ceremony Event 

I was deeply honored to receive a bag of premium-quality ceremonial-grade Matcha and Hojicha from Rikko, the founder of Hokusan Tea Canada. As someone who cherishes tea-flavored desserts and the art of crafting them, I thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with these premium ingredients in advance. Thank you Rikko. I decided to create and serve bite-sized shortbreads in two varieties (original and Hojicha) to all the attendees during the event's opening. Following the tea ceremony and matcha-making demonstration, each guest received a single-portioned Matcha Rare Cheesecake to savor, followed by a rejuvenating sound bath session led by Nicole.

 Matcha Rare Cheesecake | SilianCakery.caHojicha Shortbread | SilianCakery.caHojicha & Original ShortBread | SilianCakery.caTea Ceremony | SilianCakery.ca  Attendees enjoying matcha rare cheesecake| SilianCakery.ca Sound Bath Session


The tea ceremony and matcha-making demonstration exuded elegance and solemnity. Every minute detail played a crucial role, from the use of a bamboo matcha whisk to the choice of ceramic or porcelain chawan (tea cups), all for their natural properties. Each step in the tea ceremony held specific meanings, and participants were encouraged to cultivate a state of deep tranquility to express gratitude for the ceremony, nature, and the opportunity to enjoy tea.

The sound bath session was equally remarkable. Combining singing bowls with Nicole's enchanting voice, the experience resembled a surreal musical massage for the mind and body, offering relaxation and a profound sense of rejuvenation.

After the event, Regina, Nicole, Riko, and their teams had the chance to enjoy my spare shortbreads and Matcha Rare Cheesecakes. They appreciated the harmonious balance of matcha and cheese in the cake, with the matcha taking center stage without overwhelming the cheese. It was a delightful moment, reminiscent of the matcha cakes enjoyed in Japan. The approval and enjoyment of my matcha cake by our Japanese guests truly made my day.

Matcha Rare Cheesecake | SilianCakery.caMatcha Rare Cheesecake | SilianCakery.caTea Ceremony Event by Labour of Love | SilianCakery.ca

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