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Seed Paper Tag and Tulle Upcycle

Each standard order, without the Furoshiki upgrade, comes with a piece of carrying tulle, and a plantable seed paper tag, which is embedded with wildflowers seeds: Poppy, Daisy, and Myosotis. You are encouraged to upcycle the tulle and plant your own flower. See below for ideas and instructions. 

How to plant the seed paper tag

1. Tear the seed paper tag into small pieces, soak in water for a couple hours or overnight.

2. Prepare soil that is slightly compressed, water it throughly, then put the soaked seed paper tag on it.

3. Cover it with 1/8 inch of soil on top, pressed slightly.

4. Water it again so the tag is surrounded with dampened soil, but make sure there is good drainage.

5. Keep the soil moist all the time and get plenty of sunlight.

6. Wait patiently, it should sprout within 7-10 days. 

Outdoor: You may plant the seed paper outdoor in spring, or late fall before freeze-up (omit the initital watering). 

Indoor: Seed paper tag can be planted in a pot of soil near a window with lots of sunlight.

*Keep the temperature above 13 degrees Celsius (or 55 Fahrenheit).

*Plant the seed paper within 2 years when the germination rate is still high.

Silian Cakery is honoured to be a part of your home garden. Please send us pictures (Siliancakery[at]gmail.com) and we can all share our growing with each other.


Tulle Upcycle Ideas: