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our mission

From developing innovative recipes, choosing the right ingredients, creating the cake from scratch, to decorating the cake and packaging, we aim to deliver the highest quality cakes to you without any compromise. Each recipe has been tested and polished for multiple times to achieve the optimal balance of the taste, look, health, and elegance. We love putting in all of our effort to ensure that you will have the most exciting indulgence experience. All of your senses will be wowed.



We use the freshest premium quality ingredients such as vanilla bean, home-grown fresh herbs, fresh fruits from local farms, Himalaya salt. We make our fruit sauces and flavour extraction from raw ingredients. 

We avoid all types of GMO products, preservative, artificial colouring and artificial flavouring. 


Made to OrderMADE TO ORDER

Freshness is the key.

Every cake is made to order and handcrafted by an Ontario certified food handler, to guarantee each of your bite is the freshest you can get. We make sure all cakes are handled properly in a safe and clean environment. Your health is important to us. 



Consuming cakes may seem just an instant pleasure, nevertheless we also care about our environment and our next generation in the long run. Each cakebox is wrapped with a long tulle ribbon and a plantable seed paper tag attached. You may also upgrade the whole experience with a luxurious reusable furoshiki cloth, which is perfect for gift giving. All of our packaging items can be upcycled. Please go to our Eco-Sustainability page (under construction) for more info and upcycle demonstrations. Let's work together to embrace a sustainable living.



Most items in our menu have gluten-free options. Whether it is for celiac disease patients or you are adopting a healthy gluten-free diet to boost your energy level, opt for our gluten free version before check out.