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Basil Lime Rare Cheesecake | siliancakery.ca
Basil Lime Rare Cheesecake | siliancakery.ca
Basil Lime Rare Cheesecake | siliancakery.ca
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Basil Lime Rare Cheesecake

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Basil Lime Rare Cheesecake, a delightful fusion of flavors and cultural symbolism. With each bite, you'll experience the vibrant harmony of zesty lime and aromatic basil, creating a truly unique and refreshing dessert. Basil, known for its culinary prowess, symbolizes not only good taste but also love, protection, and prosperity in various cultures. This cheesecake embodies a burst of flavor that awakens the palate and carries the essence of love and well-being. Discover the bold and refreshing combination of basil and lime, a treat that transcends taste and carries the promise of both culinary delight and symbolic significance. Savor the vibrant enchantment and let our cheesecake become a delightful part of your culinary exploration.

You may upgrade this product by choosing our reusable and luxury Furoshiki cakebox wrapping cloth and/or a custom-made cake topper!

Layers (Top to Bottom):

- Organic Basil Stems, Lime, Blueberries, Edible Flower Pedals 

- Chantilly Cream

- Fresh Basil Lime Rare Cheesecake Layer

- Fresh Lime Chiffon Cake

- Digestive Biscuit Crumb Base 

A sustainable luxurious Furoshiki Wrapping cloth is included.

You may upgrade the experience by making a custom-made cake topper to surprise your loved one!

Ingredients: organic fresh basil, lime, cream cheese, fresh cream, gelatine, sugar, Himalayan pink salt, natural vanilla extract, digestive biscuit, ghee, edible flowers/leaves and fresh fruits, egg, pastry flour, milk. 



Note: The basil stem garnish is highly perishable. It is recommended to consume the Basil Lime Rare Cheesecake on the day of scheduled delivery. Cake decoration detail may vary. 


For ordering information, delivery, or pickup in Toronto, read more in DELIVERY/PICKUP.  

Rare Cheesecake is a type of Japanese cheesecake. “Rare” may refer to the rare taste of creamcheese, fresh citrus, and fresh cream. In contrast to "Baked Cheesecake", which uses eggs and heat to solidify, "Rare Cheesecake" uses gelatine, whipped cream and cold temperature to harden. Read more in FAQs.