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Sweet Date with Lavender (Dessert and Wellness Workshop)

Lavender Dessert and Wellness Workshop | SilianCakery.ca

Lavender Dessert and Wellness Workshop: A Collaborative Success

This Lavender dessert and wellness workshop marks our first official collaboration with the Markham Wesley Center (MWC). After several visits to MWC, I obtained permission to host workshops inside their cafe. Although our ultimate goal was to offer baking-related workshops, we faced technical difficulties that temporarily prevented us from using the oven. However, the Lavender workshop proved to be the perfect way to get things up and running.

Around the same time, one of my friends from the Hong Kong UFO and new age community, Harina, arrived in Canada and expressed interest in working together. Ms. Harina is an expert in essential oils and suggested that Lavender oil could be used to create a roll-on applicator, ideal for outdoor use in the summer. So, in addition to making Lavender panna cotta and tasting Lavender lemonade, I elevated the workshop by including a DIY Lavender roll-on segment. Since it was a lengthy 3-hour workshop, I also provided a small savory snack for all the guests.

Lavender Panna Cotta | SilianCakery.caLavender Roll On | SilianCakery.caLavender Lemonade | SilianCakery.ca 

We ended up hosting three workshops in August, and the students were thrilled with all the hands-on activities and the fascinating knowledge about Lavender. After trying the Lavender Lemonade, they loved it and requested the recipes. You can read the reviews from our students on my Google Business profile (just search for Silian Cakery on Google).

Engaging with the workshop participants was always a delightful surprise and inspiring. One student, a dance teacher at the center, attended with a couple of her students, and her enthusiasm for Lavender was infectious. Another student had been following me on social media for nearly a decade since one of my music performances in Hong Kong. Now living and studying in Canada, she decided to join the workshop just to say hello, despite her dislike of Lavender!

Now that summer and Lavender season are over, I look back with fondness on our August workshops with Harina (Ha Lo) and MWC. We're already brainstorming another topic for our "Dessert and Wellness Workshop Series." Stay tuned for more exciting collaborations!

Lavender Dessert and Wellness Workshop| SilianCakery.ca Lavender Dessert and Wellness Workshop| SilianCakery.ca Lavender Dessert and Wellness Workshop| SilianCakery.caLavender Dessert and Wellness Workshop| SilianCakery.ca Student's work Lavender Panna Cotta | SilianCakery.ca Wellness with Lavender Essential Oil | SilianCakery.ca   

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