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Rare Cheesecake in Yorkville

Big Announcement: Silian Cakery’s Mini Rare Cheesecakes Now Available at Swiss Art Chocolatier on Yorkville

It’s a milestone collaboration! Yet, it’s not an easy one. Several months ago, I received an email from the owner of Swiss Art Chocolatier expressing interest in collaborating with Silian Cakery. Our journey started with our first meeting in their store in July. They were keen on having several types of freezable desserts to be displayed and sold at their new café. At that moment, I didn't have any single-portioned rare cheesecakes ready for retail. I had the Rare-cheesecake-in-a-garden-box version, but that's more suitable for popup markets, grab-and-go, and not quite the right fit for a high-end café or restaurant. Moreover, the paper container box couldn't be placed in the freezer for storage😣.

Understanding their requirements, I faced a big challenge. I brainstormed, invested in new cake molds and equipment, and dedicated weeks to experimenting and testing.

Finally, I was able to transform 4-5 types of rare cheesecakes into mini versions. During our second meet-up, I brought over some of my creations for tasting. I introduced every layer, explained the natural ingredients I used, and let them savor the flavors. Both of the owners, veterans in the F&B industry, loved the quality of my cakes. We had a productive discussion and decided to start our collaboration in mid-August.

Experimental Mini Rare Cheesecake

The next task was to decorate the display fridge. Window displays require design skills and theories. I spent time and resources experimenting with various themes that complemented the cakes. Additionally, everything had to be placed inside a temperature and humidity-sensitive fridge, which added to the complexity. I sought inspiration downtown, made several trips to HomeSense for décor materials, and scoured Amazon.ca for suitable containers. My friends Ariel and Neck provided invaluable suggestions and feedback. Thank you my dears. 

Testing out various displaySilian Working on Display

The moment had come. On the day I delivered my first batch of cakes to the store and set up the display, I received shocking news—their display fridge had broken! The temperature wouldn't drop below 10 degrees Celsius, while the cakes needed to be stored below 4 degrees Celsius. We had to postpone the launch until the fridge was fixed, which was disappointing for both parties.

Their fridge was challenging to repair as it was designed and manufactured in Europe. I patiently waited for three months before receiving an update from the owner. And now, here we are! Silian Cakery’s mini rare cheesecakes are finally available at Swiss Art Chocolatier on Yorkville!

Silian's Rare Cheesecake in YorkvilleSilian's Rare Cheesecake in Yorkville  Silian's Rare Cheesecake in YorkvilleSilian's Rare Cheesecake in Yorkville


Latest Update - May 2023: Due to personnel changes at the café, the collaboration has been terminated. Nevertheless, this journey has been a priceless experience for me. Thank you very much for the opportunity.

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