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Catering experience with World Hong Kong Forum 2023

Silian Cakery | Catering  World Hong Kong Forum 2023

Silian Cakery had the honor of setting up a small food and beverage booth at the opening reception of the "World Hong Kong Forum 2023" organized by Mr. Ed Chin and Fiona Yellow. Our booth catered to all 60 invited guests, offering a delightful selection of cakes, snacks, and tea.

A few months ago, Fiona informed me about the "World Hong Kong Forum 2023" scheduled for the first weekend of September. Ed had extended invitations to his diverse group of commentator friends from around the world to discuss the current state of Hong Kong and brainstorm potential future plans for Hong Kongers worldwide. Additionally, it will feature an exhibition honoring Apple Daily, the iconic Hong Kong-based pro-democracy newspaper that has ceased publication. 

For this occasion, we decided to showcase our colorful "Mixed Fruit and Vanilla Rare Cheesecake" presented in a garden-themed box, along with hot Earl Grey and herbal teas, as well as refreshing cold lemon mint water. Our rare cheesecake featured layers of chiffon cake, Madagascar Vanilla seed-infused rare cheesecake, and a topping of freshly picked fruits from Barrie Hill Farm. We serve them with the guilt-free, decomposable paper containers and wooden forks! 

Mixed Fruit & Vanilla Rare Cheesecake in a Garden Box Tuna and Egg salad with fresh dills on crackers

Since the event ran from 7:30-9:30pm, coinciding with dinner time, we expanded our menu to include savory snacks: Tuna salad with fresh dill on crackers and egg salad on crackers for the vegetarians.

I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Fiona Yellow for giving me the opportunity to introduce both myself and Silian Cakery on stage. It was a pleasure to engage directly with those who share a deep concern for Hong Kong's future.

  Silian's introducing Silian Cakery on Stage Meeting all friends who care about Hong Kong

The preparation, logistics, and booth setup involved considerable physical effort and time management. However, I'm grateful for the support of several volunteer friends on-site and my husband, who assisted with packing up and finishing the spare cakes. Overall, the experience of serving and conversing with people, gaining valuable insights, and receiving compliments from all the guests left me immensely satisfied. 

Moving forward, I'm fully prepared to provide cake and beverage catering for your next intimate private party. My guiding principle has always been "Quality over quantity" no matter the occasion or clientele. If this ethos resonates with you, please don't hesitate to drop me an email, and together, we can plan your next memorable event.

Tea station    Decomposable containers and wooden forks

World Hong Kong Forum 2023

 Apple Daily Souvenir





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