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What is Rare Cheesecake?

Rare Cheesecake is originated from Japan. “Rare” may refer to the rare taste of creamcheese, fresh citrus, and fresh cream. In contrast to Baked Cheesecake, which uses eggs and heat to solidify, Rare Cheesecake uses gelatine, whipped cream and cold temperature to harden. Detail ingredients can be found in individual product page in our SHOP/Rare Cheesecake Fantasia session.


Why should we eat Rare Cheesecake?

Compared with the dense New York cheesecake, rare cheesecake is much lighter in texture, so it won’t be tough to have more than one slice. Similar to the density of mousse cake, rare cheesecake yet has an extra savoy creamcheese taste. It also uses portion of yogurt and fresh lemon to compensate the richness of pure cream, hence more nutritious than the others. 

Silian Cakery uses premium ingredients such as vanilla bean, home-planted fresh herbs, fresh fruits from local farm, Himalaya salt to name a few. We make our fruit sauces and flavour extraction from raw ingredients.  We avoid any types of GMO products, preservative, artificial colouring and artificial flavouring.


When to eat Rare Cheesecake?

Birthday, anniversary, friend’s gathering, business conference, or simply whenever you are craving for good quality cake! We offer custom made cake topper as well, simply select it in the option box after you’ve chosen your cake.

While most desserts, including ours, are for your after meal enjoyment. You may find Silian Cakery’s Rare Cheesecake tastes even better when consuming as afternoon tea or a meal on its own. 

It makes a perfect bonding with quality coffee and tea, I have client likes to take a slice during breakfast time as well. 

Bottom line is, you can enjoy rare cheesecake anytime!  


Who can eat Rare Cheesecake?

As Rare Cheesecake uses creamcheese, fresh cream, and gelatine. It is not for vegetarian or vegan. We apologise that Silian Cakery do not offer vegetarian or vegan cakes at the moment. 

For gluten-free diet client, Silian Cakery’s rare cheesecake is the right choice for you. Simply opted for a gluten-free version of it after you’ve chosen your cake. We’ll then change the biscuit base and/or the chiffon cake insert to a gluten-free versions.  


How to serve and store Rare Cheesecake?

Rare Cheesecake is best serves cold. Always put your delivered/pickup cake in fridge ASAP. 

If you want to have a clean cut on every slices, prepare a bucket of hot water, a big sharp knife and a napkin. Dip your knife in hot water and wiped it with napkin between every cut. 

For unfinished portion, put them back in the box in fridge and you can enjoy the artisan cake again within 1-2 days. For Basil Lime Rare Cheesecake, finish the fresh basil stem on the delivery/pickup day, and you may store the rest.  If you want to unfinished portion in the freezer, you should take out all edible flowers and leaves on top, put the cake into an air tight container and then freeze for 4-5 days. Simply defrost it for a couple hours in fridge before serving again. Fresh fruits and gelatine coating decoration are not recommended for freezing, as the texture will be changed.